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Government Solutions:

Connecting to a Brighter Future

Today’s regional and local governments must go beyond maintaining infrastructure and providing services. They also need to address quality of life needs such as adequate connectivity, better lighting and “smart city” applications in order to compete for residents and jobs. As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of technology products and services to state and local governments, Graybar helps state and local governments capitalize on technology’s promise and avoid its perils.

We’ve partnered with numerous towns, cities and municipalities to deliver huge cost savings through quality-of-life promoting initiatives like LED lighting. Our DataComm specialists pull together applications and infrastructure solutions that make the difference between digging streets up once or five times. Our Smart Cities Symposiums tap today’s thought leaders to help elected officials and city managers explore the cities of the future. And as the awarded supplier of Contract #EV2370 through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, Graybar can help you maximize savings on electrical, communication and data networking products while reducing paperwork and simplifying procurement.

Featured Solutions

OMNIA Partners

Graybar is the awarded supplier of electrical, lighting, data/communication, networking, wireless, security and related MRO supplies through OMNIA Partners. OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement. Learn more.

Municipal Lighting

From simple upgrades to comprehensive replacement, Graybar’s lighting specialists are here to help you find the right solution to reap significant savings in energy and maintenance for street lighting, while increasing livability and safety.

Connectivity and Mobility

Wired or wireless, from the edge to the cloud, from a wire closet to a full data center, Graybar knows connections. Our specialists stand ready to partner with you on solutions to meet present needs while building in room to scale.

Featured Categories