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Graybar Knows Industrial

We’re ready to assist you with your automation and control needs.

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Whether you’re running a job site, managing a manufacturing plant or building the machines and parts for either, Graybar keeps you competitive, safe and profitable. We’ve been powering industry for more than a century and understand how to take advantage of the latest technologies, process efficiencies and inventory management solutions. We are certified experts in industrial automation and control and have deep data and communications expertise to network and connect your plant floor to your front office so you can manage critical assets and gain vital information to stay safe and drive performance.

Automated Control

Manage Your Machinery Processes.


Protect Your Hands

With Comfort and Dexterity.


Featured Solutions

Driving Performance

From automation to safety to MRO, we have the solutions and expertise for your entire industrial plant, site or location. Our automation and control technical specialists work with the latest advanced products to help you improve performance through higher speeds and faster processing while using less energy. We extend the life of active components by updating switchgear — a sweet spot for Graybar — and keep plant-wide safety simple with solutions from PPE to cybersecurity to LED lighting and controls. Our IIoT and connectivity knowledge links people, data and processes so you can make critical decisions and keep your facilities running by having the parts, tools and materials when you need them.

Building a Better Machine

Whether you are building a machine or process from scratch or upgrading an existing one, Graybar's certified experts help you identify, configure and program the right industrial components. We stay on top of technology advances and use real-world experience to consult with you on the design and selection of components that control, power and connect machines and the applications they’re used in to operate one machine or a full production line safely and profitably.

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