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Energy-Efficient Lease

Attention Contractors:
Read this fact sheet to learn how you can find new opportunities with LED lighting.
How Graybar Can Help:
Speak with the Decision Maker
A financial proposal can help you get in the door and in front of the ultimate decision maker. Graybar Financial Services has the tools you need to help speed up the sales cycle and increase your odds of moving forward with a project. Learn more »
Overcome Budget Constraints
“It’s not in budget.” Don’t let this phrase be the reason why your project does not move forward. Graybar Financial Services can provide monthly payments over an extended term to work within budgets of any size.
Manage Cash Flow
When customers do the math, it’s a no brainer. Graybar Financial Services can structure monthly lease payments to be less than the energy savings – providing positive cash flow from day one! Learn more »
Available Leasing and Financing:
Dollar Buyout Lease
A dollar buyout lease may also be referred to as a capital lease. The advantage of a dollar buyout lease is that it guarantees the opportunity to own the equipment at the end of the lease for a minimal payment of $1.00. A Lessee (customer) that plans on keeping the equipment at the end of the lease term often selects the dollar buyout option.
Equipment Finance Agreement
Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) is a loan which is secured specifically by the equipment financed unlike an installment loan which is typically secured by a blanket lien on all of the customer's assets. An EFA will also provide early buyout options for the customer without the restrictive covenants of an installment loan.
Managed Services Programs
Our program can create unique managed service solutions that can provide the flexibility to deliver a total solution by offering a process to finance the equipment component of a managed services agreement. This gives the customer the option to finance the equipment, and the contractor up-front payment on the initial project and equipment costs. This can be an effective solution for customers that are looking to bundle services and equipment into one monthly payment.